Guest fees are due immediately upon arriving at your campsite. For guests staying weekly, your next week's fees are due on the day you entered the park. (If you entered on a Thursday, your weekly fees are due every Thursday.) For guests staying monthly, your camping fees are due on the same day of each month. (If you entered the park on the 21st of the month, your fees are due on the 21st of every month.)

The park accepts cash and debit/credit cards. For your convenience, a self-pay station is located near the dumpster at the park's entrance. Please provide your name and telephone number, so we can contact you in case of emergencies. Guests staying longer-term (on a weekly or monthly basis) are asked to provide an email address if possible, so notices can be emailed on the day the site rent becomes due. Guests who receive emailed invoices have the option of paying their guest fees online, which is often more convenient. For guests staying longer than one month, checks are accepted with prior management approval.

Refund Policy for Long-Term Guests
We understand that our long-term guests may not be able to plan the exact date of their departure. And we want to help relieve the stress. For those guests who have stayed with us longer than one month, and who have prepaid monthly rents, we will attempt to help you by re-renting your site to another guest. On the date that new guest enters your previous site, we will re-calculate the fees you would have owed had you known your exact departure date, and mail you a check for the difference. Based on the above fee schedule, if you leave before three weeks have elapsed in your current rent cycle--AND if we can immediately locate a new guest to occupy your site--we can mail you a refund check for unused fees.

Discounts for major camping clubs and AARP. Active military personnel stay free, up to two nights, through the Tents-For-Troops program.*

* The Tents-For-Troops program provides free RV campsites for active military personnel, at participating parks, for one or two consecutive nights. The park must have available, unoccupied sites and can limit the offer to two sites each night. See TentsForTroops.org for further details.