We delight in providing our guests convenient short-term camping sites at affordable rates. We want you to enjoy your stay with us, so we have provided these suggestions to make your stay more enjoyable. Should you find something which needs maintenance, or should you need anything during your stay, please contact one of our friendly hosts.

Good-Neighbor Policy
It’s always best to treat other people the way you wish you could be treated. We insist that our hosts are respectful and courteous to each of our guests, and we strongly encourage our guests to treat each other that same way. When everyone follows this simple policy, we do not need a long list of rules.

While at your Campsite
Washita Valley RV Park caters to short-term (overnight and weekly) guests. When market conditions allow, some of our sites may be rented to guests on a month-to-month basis. When staying on a monthly basis, please take extra effort to keep your site clean. Avoid cluttering your site with items which cannot be stored inside your rig (large picnic tables, boats, dog houses, trailers or large smokers, for example). RVers often carry small folding picnic tables, lawn chairs, lawn ornaments, portable container gardens, hanging baskets of flowers, patio lights and portable BBQ grills. These and similar items are always welcome if they are kept in good repair and neatly arranged on your site.

You’ll discover that RV families are often the friendliest, most-helpful folks you’ll ever meet. The park occasionally sponsors informal mixers where you will have an opportunity to meet your neighbors, but don’t think you need to wait until that official party. If your neighbors are outside their rigs, stop by and introduce yourself. If they are not busy, take a few minutes and talk with them. Generally, if your neighbors are inside their rigs it is a courtesy to respect their privacy and avoid disturbing them.

Well-behaved pets of any size and weight are always welcome in our park. To help this affection continue, please be a considerate pet owner. Please pick up after them and keep them from disturbing others. You should also be aware of city ordinances which require pets to be vaccinated and on leash at all times. Pets who disturb or threaten guests or other animals will be asked to leave the park.

The park's management works closely with the Ninnekah Police Department in keeping this park clean, safe, peaceful and secure. You'll often see a police cruiser roll through the park, especially during the overnight hours. We welcome them. If you have a chance, please thank the local policemen for their help in keeping your park secure.

The park was intentionally constructed without harsh security lighting. We wanted our guests to enjoy the beautiful night skies which can be found only in our location, in a rural setting away from town. Should you need additional lighting, please feel free to use the exterior lighting on your rig.

Winter Camping
In the winter season (December-March) this area often experiences subfreezing temperatures. Most RVs are built to withstand southern Oklahoma’s relatively mild winter conditions without need for additional insulation—if they are heated using the onboard propane furnace. Should you feel your rig needs skirting or additional exterior insulation, you should always contact the park manager for prior approval before starting the job.

Summer Camping
Southern Oklahoma is known for luxuriously warm and humid summers—especially during the months of July and August. Daytime highs during that period sometimes exceed 100 degrees. Unfortunately, most RVs are designed to keep the rig cool only when the outside temperature is less than about 90 degrees. When we experience hot days, your air conditioning unit may struggle to keep your rig at a comfortable temperature.

There are several tricks which help your air conditioner work best during the hot summer days. In the early summer (before July), remove the unit’s exterior cover (on the roof) and ensure the airflow has not been blocked by dust, lint, or leaves. Keep your filter (inside the RV) clean—it may need to be cleaned twice a month when the unit is working its hardest during the warm and humid summer weather.

Avoid cooking inside your rig on hot days, especially during the afternoon and early evening. If you need to cook during the hot part of the day, use a microwave oven or a slow cooker, or even an outdoor BBQ grill.

Most of the cool air inside your RV is lost through the single-pane window glass. In the hot part of the day, keep shades and blinds—especially those on the south and west sides of your rig—fully closed. On days without high wind, create shade by extending the awnings. An extended awning provides noticeably cooler indoor temperatures if the awning is on the south or the west side of the RV. West-facing windows not otherwise shaded by an awning may be tinted or, better, lined on the inside with aluminum-backed insulation material sold as furnace-duct insulation. Actively managing the heat coming through your south- and west-facing windows can easily lower your indoor temperature at least five degrees and usually more.

Try to do more strenuous activities (like cleaning house) during the cooler hours of the day. During the hot part of the day, watch TV, go grocery shopping, or take a nap. Running a portable fan or a ceiling fan will help you feel cooler. Many RV owners will shut the vents in the bedroom and bathroom to concentrate the coolest air inside the living room area.

In Oklahoma’s humid summers, the air conditioning unit will often freeze if you set the thermostat too cool. Seventy-five (75) degrees or higher is always a safe selection. If the air conditioning unit runs continuously through the night (without cycling on and off), the unit will often freeze. This is due to the higher humidity levels which occur during the nighttime hours. If your air conditioning unit freezes, you can hear it running but you won’t feel any air blowing from the vents. To cure the problem, you must turn off your air conditioner unit for at least two hours (usually more) until the ice which has formed on the cooling fins completely melts away.

Because the RV park is located on a high hill, we have excellent television reception. You will discover many television channels broadcast from Oklahoma City, although you can also sometimes tune in channels from Ardmore, Wichita Falls or Dallas if you adjust your antenna properly. To receive the many channels broadcast from Oklahoma City, adjust your exterior television antenna toward the north-northeast. Oklahoma City claims thirteen (13) broadcast stations, but most of those broadcast more than one digital channel, providing our residents with more than two dozen selections of television programming.

We have an unobstructed view of the southern skies, so guests with satellite television should have no problem in connections.

WIFI Internet
We delight in providing excellent-quality high-speed free WIFI internet service broadcast throughout the park. Connecting via a dedicated broadband link to
 At Link  Services at a bandwidth of 20 mbps, then re-broadcast to the park's guests at 2.4 and 10.0 Ghz, our system has been professionally engineered to provide the best possible performance on your wireless equipment. Our advanced router hardware offers industry-standard "Quality of Service"" (QoS) which continually adjusts itself to prioritize video calling, online gaming, and video streaming experiences (Skype, Netflix, etc.), so your devices can work without annoying lags or delays.

The park's peak internet demand occurs Monday through Thursday evenings, about 6:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m. During these hours, you may notice the WIFI internet is not as responsive as other times. This is to be expected. This is because a large number of our guests are using the internet during the same peak hours as millions of other internet users across the United States. To minimize this problem and provide the best-possible WIFI experience to our guests, our state-of-the-art router automatically blocks many bandwidth hungry internet sites during these peak hours (generally these are peer-to-peer file sharing sites, some music streaming sites, and pornography sites). However, popular video-streaming sites such as Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and similar sites are never blocked. Our router automatically lifts any restrictions to bandwidth-hungry websites at 10:00 p.m. nightly. Should the router accidentally block a website necessary for your work, please contact the park's Manager for an override password or other solution.